A Home For Your iPad
So you have an iPad in your home, you use it for everything, and let’s confess - it’s a big part of your life. But does your iPad have a home too? Introducing LaunchPort: the best way to charge, hold and protect your iPad in your home

Use and Charge Your iPad Anywhere.
LaunchPort eliminates wires from your life and provides a seamless and easy system for keeping your iPad always charged. Perch your iPad on a BaseStation and use for typing, viewing apps and content. Place on a WallStation and use as a digital picture frame, information center, or just a window with a view of your life.

The System.
LaunchPort has two parts, a Sleeve and a Station. The Sleeve wraps around your iPad, protects it, and provides an interface to mount your iPad to a Station. The Station gives you a spot to mount your iPad, rotate in portrait or landscape, all the while keeping your iPad charged. There are two types of Stations: a WallStation for, you guessed it, mounting your iPad on the Wall, and a BaseStation for most everything else

Launchport System