Sonos Beam

The SONOS Beam the Smart Soundbar

Turn your living room into an entertainment hub with The Sonos Beam, a smart, compact soundbar system. With premium sound, full integration with Amazon Alexa, and a host of other features, this soundbar will transform the way you enjoy your favourite music and television.

What is The Sonos Beam? 

Part of a collection of speakers from Sonos, the Beam plays music, Sonos BeamTV, movies, and more. Speech enhancement allows you to clearly hear every word of your show or movie, and night sound enables you to enjoy late-night shows without disturbing family members. The Beam pairs easily with TVs and remotes and is compatible with AirPlay on iOS devices.

Compact and lightweight, Beam is ideal for small-to-medium-size rooms. The device can be placed on a TV stand or mounted to a wall to maximize space. Plus, more Sonos speakers can be added as you fill your home with sound.


How to Set Up Beam

Beam’s simple setup allows you to start listening to media almost immediately. Plug Beam into a power source and use the included HDMI cable to connect the soundbar to the TV. An optical audio adapter is included for televisions that do not support HDMI ARC.

After connecting Beam to your TV, download the Sonos Music Control app on your iPhone or Android device. The app allows you to create playlists and control what plays in any room. Once the app is downloaded, follow the instructions to complete the setup process.


Which Sonos Speaker is Right for You?

Sonos FamilyFinding the Sonos speaker that meets your needs will help you create an exciting entertainment experience. The Beam offers more features than the Playbar and Playbase, which do not connect with Amazon Alexa. Both the Beam and Playbar are wall mountable, but only the Beam and Playbase are compatible with AirPlay. Plus, the Beam is the only Sonos speaker with HDMI ARC compatibility. When you visit Natural Sound, one of our team members will help you determine which sound system works for you.

With sound systems from Sonos, you can take your living room entertainment to the next level. Visit Natural Sound today to see what’s in store.

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