Turntables and the allure of vinyl

Turntables and Vinyl


Turntables & Vinyl Records: the beauty of a turntable and vinyl

If you’re like many, your music collection focus through the years has gone from vinyl records/turntables to, perhaps, eight-track and reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, CDs, MP3s and digital streaming and now back, once again, to vinyl recordings. Maybe you’ve even held onto the old record albums you accumulated back in the day or found records at garage sales or flea markets since they fell out of favour in the late 1980’s. That’s when CDs started to become all the rage.

Although many prophesied the death of vinyl when CDs hit the market, the sudden decline in popularity of LPs between 1988-1991 had little to do with their sound quality, but more a matter of convenience and business profits. It was at about this time that record distributors discontinued their previous system of crediting poor-selling and returned albums in exchange for new stock, which meant retailers had to pick only the best-selling records to ensure not getting stuck with discs that didn’t sell. This caused a serious decline in the availability of the vinyl format, as more record stores slashed their inventories and devoted more shelf space to CDs and cassettes.

Digital Sound

When music went from vinyl discs (LPs) to compact discs (CDs) as the sales leader in the music industry, it wasn’t the sound quality that made people change. You’d have to agree that, assuming your record is clean and unscratched, the sound quality of analogue recordings is superior to that of digital. The warm, rich sound of vinyl, with the booming bass and crisp treble notes, simply cannot be faithfully reproduced digitally because of the need to compress digital signals in order to allow them to fit into a phone or an MP3 or to be streamed without using too much computer bandwidth.

The Allure of Vinyl

The experience of going to the record store and looking through the records, talking to others sharing your interest in vinyl, reading the linear notes and appreciating the often fantastic artwork or other images on album covers is a cultural thing, just now being rekindled. Sales of vinyl sales have increased every year for the last decade. 2016 saw a 25-year high in vinyl sales and it just keeps going.

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