best powered bookshelf speakers

Best Powered Bookshelf Speakers 2018

Many say that there’s no better way to listen to music than with a great pair of bookshelf speakers. Having a great stereo field lets the music breathe, and lets you hear things in the music that you simply can’t with a single speaker. While this type of setup sounds great, typically it would also … Read more

The New Paradigm Defiance Subwoofers

A subwoofer is a dedicated low frequency effect (LFE) output speaker. If you are looking to recreate that deep bass sound that is common in sophisticated movie theater surround sound audio systems, a subwoofer is what you will want to add to your audio or home theater system. The new Paradigm Defiance subwoofers deliver plenty … Read more

Sonos Beam

The SONOS Beam the Smart Soundbar Turn your living room into an entertainment hub with The Sonos Beam, a smart, compact soundbar system. With premium sound, full integration with Amazon Alexa, and a host of other features, this soundbar will transform the way you enjoy your favourite music and television. What is The Sonos Beam?  Part … Read more

Playoff Prep – Finding The Best TV To Watch Sports

When you want the best TV for sports, there are several things to consider. First, now is an excellent time to upgrade your home audio setup and your TV, because the NHL & NBA Playoffs are about to start. Second, you need to find the right TV when you upgrade. Fortunately, there are some great TVs available today that provide an awesome sports viewing experience. You’ll want the best possible picture so you can feel like you’re there with all the action, and so you don’t miss anything important if you can’t actually be at the game.

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Can Building Your Own Home Theatre Actually Save You Money?

Recently the Cineplex theatre chain has joined with Bell’s controversial motion which would allow internet service providers to block websites that provide copyrighted content. Opponents believe allowing ISP’s to censor this content is a violation of free speech and could be a slippery slope to other types of content becoming blocked. While we will leave the political punditry to the experts, It’s easy to see however why Cineplex would be in favor of this ban.

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Is Your TV Preventing You From Enjoying True Surround Sound?

With the vast array of TV’s, Receivers, Blu-Ray Players, Game Consoles and Soundbars, a popular method of organizing your electronics is to connect everything directly to your TV via HDMI, then have a single audio connection from your TV to your Soundbar, Home Theatre system, etc. Essentially you are using your TV as a switcher, and while this can simplify your connections, there may be a downside you don’t even know is happening. You may not be experiencing true surround sound even if your soundbar, or home theatre system supports it.

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wireless speaker sonos keeps cutting out

What To Do If Your WiFi Speaker Keeps Cutting Out

One of the most frustrating experiences you can go through is having your wifi speakers cut out right as your favourite part of a song comes on. It’s the audio equivalent of the hated buffering notices on streaming video. But why is it happening? You set up your speakers with no problems, your WiFi seems to be working fine on your phone and computer, yet your WiFi speaker keeps cutting out! Before you end up throwing your speaker into a wall, try some of the following troubleshooting tips to help your connection.

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