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Marine Audio

Marine Audio 

If you’ve got a boat and you’re considering a new speaker system for it, there are several things you’ll need to look for in marine speakers. There are primary features that make marine audio equipment different from other systems, especially those used indoors. Marine audio equipment must be resistant to water, corrosion, and UV damage in order to adequately survive in a marine environment. There are usually varying levels of each device’s resistance to one of those elements, so be sure to find one with optimal protection for your needs.

Choosing a good marine stereo system can be daunting given the number of options on the market, but beyond the necessary protection features already outlined, there are some other areas in which you don’t want to skimp. Make sure you find a system with features you’ll specifically need. For example, if you need a source unit with excellent display features and amazing connectivity, the MediaMaster from JL Audio is the way to go.

This source unit is an excellent example of the sort of premium marine audio equipment produced by JL Audio. It features Bluetooth, USB, and Aux connectivity, and it’s compatible with digital radio and SiriusXM radio. The device also features IP66 resistance, so it can easily stand up to the worst case scenario that a marine environment may offer.

Perhaps your interests lie more with speaker systems that are fully enclosed and can be installed just about anywhere without having to drill speaker holes in your boat or remove the factory speakers. If that’s the case, there are several enclosed speaker options from JL Audio that will do the trick.  One of the better options is the 6.5-inch Enclosed Coaxial System featuring white sport grilles for a rugged yet modern aesthetic and an internal blue LED for added accent lighting.

These speakers are designed specifically for use with extreme outdoor sports, so they are more than capable of handling marine elements. Each pair comes with injection-molded speaker enclosures that hold silk dome tweeters for unparalleled audio that’s both loud and sharp. There are mounting fixtures for these speakers that can be used to aim them in any direction with complete freedom of movement. Speaker and LED connections can be made easily with the included multifunction for each pod.

There are no shortages of marine audio options for those who are considering an upgrade.  JL Audio is one brand that produces exceptional marine audio equipment, which is why the experts at Natural Sound are so confident in these components. If you are in the process of selecting a new speaker system for your boat, don’t hesitate to contact Natural Sound at 519-744-3111 or through email at with any questions.

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