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Technology Trend: Voice Control

Voice control is essentially the holy grail of convenience technology that simplifies the process of operating your devices. In the past, you would have to go through the hassle of locating remote controls or accessing stationary control units in order to make any alterations to your environment, but now you simply have to utter a few basic words from nearly anywhere to accomplish the same tasks. Voice control systems pair audio receivers with vocal recognition software and complex AI to form a sort of automated assistant that remains unseen in the background. It does all the work at your will.

These automated voice control assistants are already starting to Alexabecome common in modern homes. Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo have the ability to be fully integrated into a smart home, so they can control anything ranging from your heating and cooling systems down to your TV or sound system volume. You can also add new devices as your smart home network grows. The industry is seeing a huge surge in products that fall in this category because people who experience it instantly see the appeal. Voice control gives you the freedom to operate your devices without having to physically interact with them, which allows you to focus on other physical tasks or total relaxation.

Speakers systems like the Sonos One are ready for voice control integration right out of the box. The system works with Amazon Alexa, which gives you the ability to control every aspect of the listening experience with intuitive vocal commands. This is especially nice for those who prefer not having to deal with overly complex remote controls with hundreds of confusing buttons, or for those who have trouble keeping track of those small controllers in the couch cushions. Not only is the Sonos One system entirely compatible with voice control, but it is small enough to fit anywhere and it uses Wi-Fi connectivity for highly stable music streaming.

It’s hard to ignore a new trend in technology that’s as strong as voice control. Voice control technology could be seen as more than a mere trend since it was the end goal of years of cumulative technological efforts over dozens of industries. The idea of voice control is exceptionally intuitive since humans have a vast history of issuing vocal commands, so it feels strangely natural to vocally order your speaker system to decrease the volume. As the technology becomes more advanced and AI systems become more human-like, voice control will become a fully integrated part of nearly all technology, much like standard button control was used in most forms of technology for the formative years of modern technological innovation. It is essentially the next step.

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