SLike them or not, there’s no question that T.V.s are an indispensable part of a home theater system in Kitchener. They let mom and dad enjoy streaming services of current and classic movies, allow grandparents to view video footage of their grandchildren, and keep kids occupied for hours on end with video games.

But even though a modern television screen is an essential component of your home theater in Kitchener, when it’s not being used it can become an unattractive eyesore. Enter the Samsung Frame TV.

Available in sizes measuring 43, 66 or 65 inches, this decorative accessory hangs and looks exactly like a framed art piece. You can even customize the border, which attaches or detaches easily with magnets, with walnut wood or stick with simple black and white.

The screen itself displays a carefully curated collection of photography and paintings which are selected based on preferences you set: choose the medium (painting or photography), colour scheme, or subject such as architecture or landscapes, and update the image as often as you’d like. On this rotating canvas you’ll enjoy masterpieces by such artists as Pierre Renoir, William Morris, Emily Hoerdemann and Desmond Leung in your home (minus the price tag!). To save energy, the built-in Motion Sensor only turns the set on when you’re there and then shuts it off when you leave.

The TV screen is a superb medium for viewing the art in 4K Ultra High Definition, which is four times more detailed than typical Full HD. Here, details come to life with correct colour clarity. Use one remote control to adjust art, settings and channels. Accessing the Smart Hub lets you enjoy such varying content as Netflix movies, live sports from the NBA, and videos from YouTube. To ensure a sleeker outline, the TV joins the Connect Box, which in turn attaches to all the components that you want to integrate, such as DVR players, video game consoles and amplifiers.

If you want to experience the Samsung Frame TV in person, come drop by the store and try to find the Frame.

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